Florida Alligator Hunting

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers PRIVATE land alligator hunts year round. We have over 100,000 acres of prime time gator hunting.  With hunting private land comes less stipulations as to hunting public land and less hunting pressure.  

You are welcome to bring your own weapon of choice, or use ours. You may hunt with rifle, handgun, bow, crossbow, bang stick, muzzle loader, or spear.

We start the hunt by locating alligators and judging the size of each one until we find the size our client is looking for and then snag the alligator with  a fishing pole with large treble hook and take the gator with your choice of weapon.  You are shooting at a four inch target, so a steady hand and sometimes more then one shot is needed to kill these very tough hided dinosaurs

An alligator agents license is required to hunt alligators in Florida. The cost of licensing is $52 and is NOT included in hunt pricing. After booking your hunt, we will text you a link or phone # to get your license or even do it the day you arrive in camp. Stress free licenses! We are here to help all the time!

Alligator Hunt Rates:

6-8 FT: $1,500

8-9 FT: $1,800

9-10 FT: $2,500

10-11 FT: $3,500

11-12 FT: $4,500

12 FT & UP: Call us


Alligator Processing Rates:

$25 per foot

Which includes vacuum sealed meat  and preparing alligator for taxidermy.

If one of our taxidermist are used this will include getting your alligator to the



A deposit is required to book your Alligator hunt, information can be found on the Deposits page.

If you are flying in to hunt with us, please check the TSA website for information regarding traveling with firearms and ammo or call 1-866-289-9673.

Frog Giggin'

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers frog giggin' year round depending on how the water situation is looking! It is a perfect extra adventure to add to your Florida Alligator Hunt! All of our frog giggin' trips are conducted at night off of an airboat. No license is required to enjoy a fun filled night of slaying frogs! We provide all the equipment needed, all you have to do is show up and GIG!!

Frog Giggin' Rates:

Single Boat (1 Person) : $350

Double Boats (3 People): $550

Cleaning of frogs included in price..