Wild Boar Hunting

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers hog hunting, both trophy and meat hogs.   We guarantee shot opportunity.   All of our hog hunts are conducted on private land, so there will be no pressure from public land access.  You may use your weapon of choice when harvesting your wild boar, we can even get a little more up close and personal with the dogs and KNIFE!

We offer a few different methods for hunting hogs.  

Walk and Stalk, tree stand or hunting with dogs. 

Whichever method you choose you will leave with memories of a lifetime.

Meat hogs are hogs that are 60lbs and up, no weight limit for a meat hog. You can harvest that perfect BBQ hog for the smoker or that huge slab to feed your family for several weeks!

Trophy hogs are hogs that you would like to put on your wall to mount!

A trophy hog can be any size, but will have teeth that are 2 inches or better!

Skinning and Quartering are included in the price of your hunt.

We will provide guns if needed for a $25.00 gun rental fee.

No license is required to harvest wild hogs.

There is also no season, we hunt hogs year round 7 days a week!

Wild Boar Hunt Rates:

Meat Hogs : $275

Trophy Hogs: $550

We do offer lodging without meals for an additional $50 per night with all of our hog hunts!

If you are flying in to hunt with us, please check the TSA website for information regarding traveling with firearms and ammo or call 1-866-289-9673.